Savera Group of Hotels


Comprehensive Franchisor Support

In view of achieving a smooth and well-aligned support system, The Savera Group has devised a systematic assistance program for the franchisees.

  • Assistance in selection of best location for the restaurant
  • Assistance in setting up operations including designing of the restaurant

Sharing experience & knowledge on how to market and communicate the restaurant proposition 

  • Conducting comprehensive training program on how to manage the business operations
  • Providing training to the main staff prior to start of franchise operations
  • Conducting refresher training programs from time to time
Operations Manual

Providing Operations Manual containing mandatory & suggested specifications, standards, operating procedures and rules for running the franchise operations 

Supply & Sourcing

Facilitation in cost-effective sourcing of raw materials and equipment from trusted and reliable suppliers

Advertising & Promotions
  • Organising events specific to marketing & branding at regional / national level, in association with franchisees
  • Includes participation in events and tie-ups with publications, etc.
Some of the frequently asked questions would be

1. Is the franchise fee, a one-time fee?
The franchise fee you will be paying is for a contract period of 5 years. After which, the contract needs to be renewed for a fee.

2. Who will run the business – the brand or me?
We work in two formats – FOFO and FOMO. In case of Franchise Owned Franchise Operated (FOFO) model, the company will hand-hold you for the first 3 months to help you understand the nuances of the business. If required, we will also extend our help whenever. But in case of Franchise Owned Management Operated (FOMO) model, the company will setup and run the operations for you.

3. Who will recruit the staff?
We will provide guidance & support for recruiting the right people for the right job, but the advertisements for recruitment will have to be placed by you.

4. Will you provide manpower, if any staff quits?
How will the recruitment work then?
During the 5 year contract period, if any of the staffs leave the job,
– We can provide a replacement till the new employee joins
– We will guide you in recruiting new staff, train them and hand-over them to you.

5. Can I open the restaurant anywhere?
You will have to inform our Franchise team once you identify a suitable place. Our team will visit, conduct a market survey and then provide inputs or approval.

6. From where can I buy the provisions & ingredients for running the restaurant?
Right from the interior design, furniture, to kitchen equipments & ingredients, we will provide the specifications and vendor details. You may either contact our vendor or procure from your own vendor, but the specifications listed by us needs to be followed.

7. Does the Projected/Estimated cost include everything?
No the Projected/Estimated cost is excluding the real estate cost and working capital