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Authentic Southern Cuisine that touches the soul

Malgudi, the southern cuisine restaurant has the essence of Malgudi Days in its spirits. Malgudi restaurant brings in the best chosen foodie collection of the five southern states – Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The Malgudi menu comprises the Master Chef collections from the by gone era and brings back the tradition, authenticity, texture and flavour from the ingredients, spices and herbs sourced from the natives. The Malgudi Chefs are from the four southern states with an objective to delight the gourmet with their culinary experience. In a sense, Malgudi restaurant brings in the Dakshin community together bonding with the classics from the southern cuisine hall of fame. 

The different signature dishes at Malgudi restaurant have the Master Chefs individual touch to showcase their finesse, Kodi Mirapakaya Vepudu, Chappa Pulusu, Vazhai Poo Vadai, Kori Gassi, Guthi Venkaya, Goli Baja… and more. 

  • Casual dining restaurant available in both FOFO and FOMO models
  • Southern cuisine from the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Kerala & Andhra
  • Vegetarian & non-vegetarian dishes
  • Traditional & Authentic


MalgudiCasual Dining Format
Area Required3000 sqft
Total Project Cost82 L
Infrastructure39 L
Equipments23 L
Others5 L
Franchise Fee10 L
Training fee3 L
Average Revenue Benchmark21 L
Product Cost33%
Occupancy Cost14%
HR Cost21%
Nett Profit18%
Payback Period22 months

*Exclusive of all applicable taxes

*The above workings are based on our outlets in Chennai